Saturday, 29 January 2011

Valentine Photography Vouchers - Calling all new Dads!

Valentines I have mixed feelings about this one. It's typically a little bit hit and miss - one year you'll be utterly spoilt if hubby has been hit by a lightning bolt of inspiration, and then the next year you'll be lucky to see a card at all. Or at least this is how it works in my house (my mother-in-law will confirm if you speak to her).

Now, bring into the mix a new baby at home and I'm thinking V-Day might be quite far down the list of priorities for many new families.

Flowers are nice, but are gone and forgotten in a week or so. equally lovely gesture, but then most new mums are trying to shift any left over baby weight and don't need temptation put in their path! choice...but breast feeding may hamper the enjoyment somewhat.

So...what to do....

....I think the perfect answer lies in one of my gift vouchers, and is only for those wanting to earn SERIOUS brownie points.
Every new Mum would love to receive a gift of photography so they can have this special and fleeting time as a brand new family captured forever.

The gift vouchers come beautifully packaged and are really special to open. I will do my very best to fulfil any orders received up to and including the 9th Feb. For any really late orders, I can email a gift letter through.

Now, because posts are dull without photos, here's one from a session with my oldest friend Sophie and her newest addition with all kind of gorgeousness going on. With love, Lucy x

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